What's more solarpunk than imagining a hopeful future, choosing a hero, and creating an amazing story around them.

Starforged is a TTRPG system that is designed to get you in the action fast, in a world you want to explore.

Here is what the screenwriter Daniel Abraham, author of the Expanse series, has to say about it:

I was really impressed by Ironsworn. We only did a couple sessions, but the play generated some of the most memorable gaming story Iโ€™ve done.

— Daniel Abraham (@abraham.bsky.social) Apr 30, 2024 at 9:57 AM

Yes, he said Ironsworn, but that is the same system.

If you are looking to play it, there is an amazing app called stargazer that helps you manage the game, and create a journal.

I like it, so I made the app work on e-ink, and put that version here https://ra.mage.rocks/stargazer/

I have a secret project with the app that I hope to reveal in the near future. Stay tuned...